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Maja 's Voice

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How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
Since I'm the only one who pays my education bills,I will and I already have to give up a lot. Even though I still believe in education and that's reason I came back to school after more than 5 years,still sometimes I almost regret that I will have such a huge debt in future that I have to pay. And it's totally not fair to raise so much fees since we can not just give up now...I feel disappointed and angry that this is done to us. Please give us a is only right way to peace...or maybe you want us to go in war???I don't get it??? Peace


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
My major is International Business,and my hope is to find a job in Real Estate field,or any decent job,have kids...have a life....after soooo long..well I hope that's only what nobody can take from us..right?That's how I hope that we will find a way to deal with all problems we have...hopefully in peace..


Maja T., 32 Walnut Creek



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