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Katie's Voice


How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
Since I come from a low income family the increase on tuition fees have impacted me and my family a lot. Right now both of my parents are past 60 years old and they are currently working at jobs that require a lot of strength. My mom is a housekeeper and my dad is a carpenter, they have been taking care of my sister and I ever since we were little. Now that they are getting older they are thinking about retiring early in the next two or three years. Because of this they don't work as much as they use to which leaves my sister and I to pay the bills and mortgage at home. Having to work part time and going to school part time, I get afraid that one day I may not be able to afford going to college since I have a few more classes before I graduate.


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
I am currently studying Japanese as my major, hopefully once I graduate I can teach overseas or work in companies.


Katie T., 26 San leandro



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