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Erica's Voice


How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
I have decided to share my story in short form. Originally I did not want to, nor did I have the time. I have since changed my mind and found the time, as I see it is an important issue that will most defiantly affect me in the years to come. I am a currently a first year graduate counseling student paying out-of-state tuition. I choose to come to California to get my education for several different reasons. One of them being the cost, and how that fit into my budget. Ultimately I chose SFSU because of the programs accreditation and the affordability of the program. As it was the lowest tuition compared to the two other programs I was accepted into. As of right now I am starting to regret the decision I made, strictly on the fact of tuition. I love the program I am in, but am always struggling to get by. I have to work a part time job in order to get by, as student loans are not enough to live on for the semester. I have managed to get by cleaning houses in the area. A job I do not like and is physically exhausting, but if I want a roof over my head, while I go to school to try and make a better life for myself, I have to do it. Even though next year I will be qualified for in-state-tuition, I am still worried about how the California budget cuts will effect my education, in my ability to pay for it, as well as the availability of classes. I could have gone into much more detail and the ramifications it will have on me personally, but my time is limited and I have to study for my class this evening, which gets out at 10:45pm and then wake up at 5:00am for work.


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
Once I graduate I hope to secure a job with the Veterans Administration, with the hopes of receiving ┬┐loan forgiveness┬┐. Otherwise try and get the highest paying job, to be able to afford the cost of living and be able to pay off my student loans. Then maybe after that I will be able to focus on my true professional goals.


Erica S., 25 Carson City



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