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Dominique's Voice


How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
I spent 3 years in community college in order to save money on my pursuit for a higher education, I was accepted to CSUF, CSULB, and SFSU. I decided to come to SFSU to study Studio Art and Art History. Moving up state was a huge decision for my family, I have a twin sister and older brother who are also in college. I had to take out $6,000 loan and work 20 hours a week in order to keep up with the cost of tuition and living expenses at SFSU. I need about 43 units to complete me BA degree here. Unfortunately due to budget cuts i was unable to get ANY art classes during fall semester, and for spring I was only able to lock down ONE art history class. In order to keep my financial aid as well as my loan I needed to still enroll in 12 or more units. I find that I am wasting my time and money by attending a school that CAN NOT meet needs as a student. After being turned away by several art professors due to limited class room space I am subjected to taking unnecessary upper division courses unrelated to my major. I am thoroughly disappointed in my experiences here at SFSU and expected more for the price I am paying to be here. I have decided to finish my Spring 2012 semester here at SFSU and to reside in san Francisco until the end of my lease in August, but DO NOT intend on returning for the Fall 2012 semester, I have opted for reapplying to CSULB and CSUF for the Spring 2013 semester and residing with my parents in order to save money.


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
As a Art History Major I hope go to graduate school and be the first my family to earn an MA. Afterwards I plan on working in a museum or gallery as a curator or researcher.


Dominique V., 22 Orange, CA



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