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Christine's Voice


How have increased tuition fees impacted you and your family?:
I have been at SFSU for a total of 7 years. I did not expect that I had to be in college beyond my 4 year plan. It was really tough for me to get into my Major and GE classes that I needed in order to graduate (Statistics, English, Anatomy, Chemistry, Microbiology). These past 7 years I was a full time working student. I had to support myself through college. Four years ago, it became extremely tough for myself and my parents to help pay for my tuition fees on time because of my parents getting laid off and at the moment, only having one parent working a part-time job. A couple of semesters I had to opt to do the Installments for Tuition. And I feel it very inconvenient that we had to pay an extra $33 fee to do so. It is unfortunate that whoever is in charge of these tuition hikes, do not think of the general student population. Many of us are supporting ourselves, have families, and do not have all the money in the world. I am grateful for the Financial Aid that I was able to get these past few years, because if it wasn't for that I would not be able to finally finish my undergraduate education. I'm so happy that I get to gradate from this institution so that I do not have to suffer the expensive tuition, but I am very sympathetic to my fellow colleagues and future students of SFSU. In addition, if I plan further education, the increased tuition is just going to make things seem impossible for students to obtain a greater education.


What are you studying at SF State and what do you hope to do once you graduate?:
I am a Kinesiology student who is graduating this Fall 2011. Once I graduate, I plan to start my job search. I also plan to go back to school for my Masters Degree in Nursing or in a specialized field in the Health Industry.


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