Project PETT

Project PETT is a collaborative grant with the Visual Impairment & Blindness Program: Teacher Preparation at the University of California, Los Angeles, funded by the Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP).

Qualified students can apply for stipends. Please download the Project PETT flyer here. Personnel preparation grant funds were awarded under the Individuals with Disabilities Educational ACT (IDEA). Project Participants, upon exiting the program, must maintain employment on a full-time or full-time equivalent basis for a period of at least two years for each academic year for which funding assistance was received.

Contact the PETT Program Coordinator, Dr. Amanda Lueck,, for application information.

Graduate College of Education Scholarships

The Graduate College of Education (GCOE) at San Francisco State University has a number of scholarships available to qualified students. For application information go to the university's scholarship website. Search for the key words – Special Education.

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