Beginning Fall, 2010:
Education Specialist Credential in Visual Impairments

California's new credentialing system includes Preliminary and Clear requirements. 

Upon completion of Preliminary requirements, candidates are to complete Clear either through their district of hire or through San Francisco State University (SFSU). This is determined by the district of hire.

Preliminary and Clear VI Coursework at SFSU at a glance.

Course Details for Preliminary and Clear VI Coursework and more information on classes and requirements.

VI Handbook Beginning Fall 2010 is available as a doc file for print use.

Sunggye Hong, Ph.D. Assistant Professor • Burk Hall Room 204
Phone: 415-338-3430
Amanda Hall Lueck, Ph.D. Professor • Burk Hall Room 145
Phone: 415-338-1080
Department of Special Education • San Francisco State University • 1600 Holloway Avenue • San Francisco, California 94132
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