Accepting application for PETT :  Preparing Effective Transition Teachers of Students with Visual Impairments


A Collaborative Project between SFSU and CSLA


Project PETT

Prepares you toˇ¦        Teach Students with Visual Impairments


Helps you toˇ¦             Embark on a fulfilling, secure, and fascinating career

Provides you withˇ¦      Funding and mentoring


Personnel preparation grant funds were awarded under the Individuals with Disabilities Educational ACT (IDEA). Project Participants, upon exiting the program, must maintain employment on a full-time or full-time equivalent basis for a period of at least two years for each academic year, for which assistance was received.


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Please contact Dr. Sunggye Hong at if you have any questions about this grant opportunity.

ˇ¤         This grant is only available to those students who are currently enrolled in the preliminary credential program for teachers of students with visual impairments at SFSU.