Faculty and Instructional Assignments

Amanda Hall Lueck, Ph.D., Professor
Low Vision, Special Populations, Curriculum

Part-time Faculty 
(assignments vary each year)

Kathy Abrahamson
Living Skills

Adrian Amandi

Lizbeth Barclay

Anthony Fletcher
Exploring Visual Impairments

Cheryl Houston
Student Teaching, Induction Plan Development

Jennifer Katsaros
Low Vision

Pat Leader
Curriculum and Instruction, Braille

Angela Martyn

Paul Raskin
Issues in Visual Impairments

Sharon Sacks, Ph.D.
Issues in Visual Impairments

Cindy Sakai
Low Vision

Wendy Scheffers
Beginning Orientation and Mobility

Yue-ting Siu
Special Populations, Beginning Orientation and Mobility

Stuart Wittenstein
Braille, Issues in Visual impairments

Nanako Yamada
Living Skills


Amanda Hall Lueck, Ph.D. Professor
Burk Hall Room 538
(415) 338-1080
Department of Special Education • San Francisco State University • 1600 Holloway Avenue • San Francisco, California 94132
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