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Educational Benefits and Forms

At the Veterans Services Center:

  • Help student veterans start or transfer educational benefits
  • Offer advice on completing and filing Veterans Administration claim forms for federal and state education assistance programs
  • Offer assistance with special registration procedures required for students who are sponsored under one of the VA Fee Waiver programs for dependents of service-related disabled or deceased veterans.

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Benefits Contact

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First Time VA Beneficiary

Current VA Beneficiary Transferring to SF State

Current VA Beneficiary at SF State

Transfer of Post 9-11 Benefits Brochure pdf (from



Benefits Contact

Ben Yang, Veterans Service Coordinator

(415)338-6147 (office)



Rogelio Manaois, Manager

415) 338-2336 (office)

(415) 338-6707 (FAX)

GI Bill Website

US Department of Veterans Affairs Education Service maintains a "One Stop" Web site that has information and links to other Web sites important to veterans. On this site you will find:

  • Education Benefit Programs: General and detailed information about VA education benefits is provided. "Detailed Information" links to online copies of the chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill), 32, 33 (Post 9/11 Gi Bill), 35 (Dependents Educational Benefits), and 1606 (Reservists) education pamphlets. This site also has information about Top-up and reimbursement for licensing and certification tests. Licensing and Certification's Questions and Answers link takes you to a page that explains the benefit in detail.
  • Education News: Current information about changes in legislation, regulations, and policy that effect VA benefits is available at this site.
  • Electronic Application Form: This site links to VONAPP, the Veterans On-line Application Web site. Veterans can complete and submit the Application for Education Benefits (22-1990) and the application for Vocational Rehabilitation (28-1900) to VA via VONAPP. Plans are underway to add VA forms 22-5490, 22-1995, and 22-5495.

First time VA beneficiary

If you are just beginning to use your VA benefits, you will first need to complete the following Veterans Administration forms.

  1. Chapter 30 (Montgomery GI Bill), Chapter 33 (Post 9/11), Chapter 1606 (Reservists), and Chapter 1607 (REAP) - Application for VA Education Benefits (Form 22-1990). Also submit a copy of DD214 (Ch. 30) or NOBE (Ch. 1606).
  2. Chapter 35 (Dependents Educational Benefits) - Application for Survivors' and Dependents' Educational Assistance (Form 22-5490)
  3. Chapter 31 (Vocational Rehabilitation for Disabled Veterans) - Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation. You must submit this application first to your nearest Veterans Administration Office. The nearest VA Office to SF State is in the Federal Building at 1301 Clay Street in Oakland.
  4. CalVet Fee Waiver will cover tuition minus the local fees. Visit the CALVET Fee Waiver website for more information and the for the application form.

Current VA beneficiary transferring to SF State

If you are currently or previously a VA beneficiary and utilized your VA Educational Benefits at a previous institution, you will need to file the Request for Change of Program/Place of Training (22-1995) if you are receiving Ch. 30, 33, 30/34, and 1606 benefits. Dependents using Ch. 35 benefits need to file a VA form 22-5490. You should also submit a copy of DD214 (Ch. 30/31/33/1607) or NOBE (Ch. 1606).

Current VA beneficiary at SF State

To receive your benefits while attending SF State, you must be certified by the Veteran Certifying Official (Ch.30, 33, 35, 30/34, 1606, 1607). Prior to certification, you may need to complete an Educational Plan that will remain on file with the Veterans Office. If all your transfer work shows on your DARS and ASE and your major requirements are tracked on a DARS you will not need an Educational Plan.

If you need to file an Education Plan, it must be reviewed and approved by either a major advisor or GE advisor prior to being certified. Once your Education Plan has been filed, you must request to be certified each semester by either emailing the office or coming in person to notify us after you have already enrolled in the total number of units you wish to be certified for. If you enroll in classes not listed on your Education Plan, you must update your Education Plan (with major advisor approval if necessary) prior to certification. Students changing majors may need to file a new Education Plan prior to the next certification.

Once certified, any changes to enrollment (dropping, withdrawal, change of class schedule) must be reported to the Veterans Office within 10 days of the change in order to stay in compliance with the VA and avoid overpayment issues.

CALVET Fee Waiver dependents must have a current award letter on file with the Veterans Office and the Bursar's Office. Benefits must be renewed on a yearly basis at the county VA office. Prior to registration, dependents must pay the local fee (currently $504) or submit a deferment form to the Veterans Office.


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Disabled veterans may wish to also contact SF State’s Disability Programs & Resource Center at (415) 338-2472 (v/tty) or at

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