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We welcome and encourage all women faculty, staff, administrators and/or their spouses or partners to become members of the University Women's Association (UWA). All other individuals who support our mission are invited to join as "Friends of the UWA." Members and Friends receive the UWA Newsletters and Membership Directory. The UWA Newsletters give advance notices of all UWA activities and cruises including reduced pricing for most of our events.

We are dedicated to serving the campus community by providing a variety of entertaining and educational activities for faculty, administrators, staff, and retirees and by providing scholarships for deserving and promising students. The UWA is a non-profit organization, and we receive no State funding. Our Executive Board is a group of dedicated women, current and retired SFSU faculty and staff, who volunteer their time and talents. We invite you to become a member of the University Women's Association, and look forward to seeing you at upcoming events.

Please print this form and mail the completed form to the address printed below:

University Women's Association Membership Form

Name (Miss / Mrs. / Ms. / Mr. / Dr.)_____________________________________________
I am a member of the SFSU (please check one): Faculty Administration Staff
I do not fit the criteria to become a member; please sign me up as a Friend of the UWA
My spouse is a member of the SFSU: Faculty Administration Staff Friend

I am retired _______________My spouse is (retired faculty/staff name_______________)

My spouse is/was_____________________________________________________



Home Phone (_____)__________________________ Ext.____________________

email address________________________________________________________

Campus Dept. (if applicable)____________________________________________

Would you be interested in helping to plan events? Yes No
Do NOT include my name and home/campus address in the UWA Directory
(for the exclusive use of UWA members).

Membership dues $40.00
UWA Scholarship Fund $______
(Two separate checks if you donate to the Fund, both payable to UWA)  

Thank you for your interest and support!
Mail membership form and check(s) to:
Lily Gee, Parking Coordinator, University Police Department
San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94132

For information about membership, call Lily Gee, 415-338-1441