Holiday Luncheon at The Palace Hotel, December 3, 2011

Foreign Languages faculty and friends


Marcia Allsopp's friends and family

Three generations of Spencers (Tom Spencer, daughter Allison and her husband, and Tom's grandson)
plus (standing) two recipients of the Gloria Spencer UWA Scholarship for 2011-2012 and their guests.
(Back row, the woman on the left is Stephanie Carnow, and the woman on the right is Camille Santana.)


Open seating tables


Open seating tables


Foreign Languages Chair and staff


Ruth Murray, with her daughter and granddaughters (3 generations)


Berenice Le Marchand (UWA President), with daughter Willa and mother Jacqueline (3 generations)


Berenice Le Marchand's daughter Willa, with Santa


Scholarship Chairs Anita Axt (on leave) and Annie Antler (acting) with scholarship recipients Stephanie Carnow and Camille Santana and their guests


Santa with little Dixie Meagher


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