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Sexual Assault Response Team (S.A.R.T. )

Lauren Dominguez
Coordinator, SAFE Place/Prev. Education Specialist
Student Health/Counseling and Psych. Services

Reginald Parson
Interim Chief, CO Investigations Division
University Police Department

Melanie Deal
Nurse Practitioner
Student Health/Counseling and Psych. Services


Coordinator, Univ. Student Judicial Affairs
Dean of Students Office

Rachel Herrmann
Area Coordinator
University Park North

Yolanda Gamboa
Clinical Counselor
Student Health/Counseling and Psych. Services

San Francisco General Hospital
Rape Treatment Center

Mission Statement
The University Sexual Assault Response Team (SART) is a campus-wide community based team appointed by the Chief of Police. The team's mission is to provide a proactive response to campus sexual assault issues and to "...ensure that everything reasonably possible is and will continue to be done to prevent and responded to sexual assaults on campus."


Police Emergency


Police Non-Emergency


Counseling and Psychological Services


San Francisco Women Against Rape (24) Hour Hot Line


Student Health Center


S.A.F.E. Place


Escort Program CARE


San Francisco Trauma Recovery / Rape Treatment Center


SART Team Responsibilities
• Contact points for survivors
• Coordination of survivor support
• Reduction of fear on campus
• Enhancement of campus environment
• Training in sexual assault issues and defense
• Information dissemination
• Crime prevention, investigation and prosecution
• Rumor control and communication

Support Options

All campus sexual assaults are considered very serious matters to the university and are given the highest priority for response. Any survivor of sexual assault on campus may access assistance by contacting someone in the following areas/groups:

• University Police
• Any SFSU SART member
• A counselor in the SFSU Counseling Center
• SFSU Student Health Center professional staff
• San Francisco County Sexual Assault Services
• Any SFSU Sexual Harassment Advisor
• The SAFE Place Staff

Filing a Police Report

We recommend a police report be made in all cases of sexual assault. Criminal complaints shall be documented on official police reports when reported to university police. Every complaint will be fully investigated and everything possible will be done to ensure that the university makes an appropriate response. According to Federal Crime Reporting Laws, all such crimes shall be made a part of the public university crime statistics and will appear in the Campus Safety Report published every September.

The university police will keep all information about a survivor confidential upon request. Remember that university police can only protect the university from threats they are aware of, so help protect everyone by reporting crimes of sexual assault to the university police.

If You're Going to Make a Police Report

1. Reports should be made as soon as possible after the crime and should include date rape, acquaintance rape or any sexual assault on campus. These are serious crimes just as attacks from strangers.

2. The survivor should make every effort to preserve any physical evidence from the crime. This includes not showering or bathing after the attack until the survivor can be treated at a medical facility. Also not disposing of any damaged or soiled clothing or any other involved items until evidence can be collected. Any possible evidence should be maintained in a clean paper bag.

C.A.R.E. Escort Service:
C.A.R.E. Team members are available to serve you from sunset to midnight seven days a week. Regular University Public Safety Officers will be available for escort service when C.A.R.E. members are not on duty. To arrange for your escort CALL 338-7200 and tell the dispatcher where you would prefer to be met. Please allow 10 to 15 minutes for C.A.R.E. to arrive.

Crime Prevention Training:
University police can provide crime prevention training upon request in almost any areas of crime prevention, including rape prevention training. Training videos and brochures are available from the university police upon request.

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