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IACLEA Accreditation

The role of a professional organization is serving its clients; our role is serving the members of the university community. The manner in which Police Services conducts business, operationally as well as administratively, must be consistent with professionally accepted practices and ideals. The members of the university community are entitled to a professional department. It is for this reason that we voluntarily sought accreditation.


What accreditation means to us:

By holding ourselves to this higher standard of excellence, we hope to always provide a level of law enforcement service that exceeds the expectations of our community. In the accreditation process, our agency is scrutinized at every level by IACLEA officials covering all aspects of law enforcement policies, procedures, practices, and operations.


What accreditation means to you:

By having a police department that has voluntarily chosen to seek this higher standard, the community can expect and receive a consistently better level of service and accountability. Our officers are fully aware of the organization’s dedication to accreditation, and that commitment should carry over to the way they handle each call for service. Through accreditation, it is our goal to provide the community the best possible police service with highly trained and community oriented personnel.


IACLEA Accreditation

(IACLEA) the International Association of Campus Law Enforcement Administrators was initially formulated by eleven college and university security directors. These eleven directors came together November 6, 1958, on the campus of Arizona State University to discuss job challenges and mutual problems, and specifically to create a clearinghouse for information and issues shared by campus public safety directors across the United States.

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