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Agency Performance Survey

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If you phoned the University Police Department, was your call answered in a quick, courteous manner?

Yes No If you came into the station, were you greeted promptly and was your issue addressed?

Yes No If you had contact with a police officer or University Police Employee, do you feel your needs were met?

Yes No Could we have served you better?

  Do you know the name of the University Police Employee you had contact with? If so, please provide it.

Yes No Have you ever been the victim of a crime on campus?
If you answer yes, what were the circumstances?

Yes No Do you feel safe on campus? If not, why?

What type of services provided by the University Police Department have you used?
Report a crime Escort Request a vehicle unlock
Request a room unlock Attend a crime prevention or other safety program
Request general information  

On a scale of 1 to 10 (1=poor, 10= great), please rate the overall performance of the University Police Department.

Additional Comments

May we contact you regarding your responses? If so, please provide an email address and/or phone number.
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Thank you for your time!


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