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Emergency preparedness tutorial
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Large-Scale Emergency

It is an unfortunate fact of our times that we must be prepared for violence in nature (as in the cases of storms and earthquakes), large-scale accidents, and the possibility of violence perpetrated by individuals for personal or political reasons.

Read the fictional situation on this page and consider the appropriate steps.

It’s late on a chilly Thursday afternoon, just before winter break. Looking out your second floor window, you see that the walkway lights across campus are already coming on. You note that a student employee, who is in a heavy, motorized wheelchair, has not yet left for the day.

You feel a tremor, and for a split second your brain thinks “earthquake.” But, almost immediately, you hear a dull thud echoing across campus. It’s not clear where it comes from.

Then the unmistakable crash of an explosion sends a shudder through your building. The fire alarm blares briefly before the power and lights go out in your office. You duck under a table for protection from falling glass and other material. When the noise of falling debris has subsided, you look out the now broken window and see that the lights are off all over campus.

No one knows exactly what has happened, but it’s clear that you need to follow your evacuation plan, immediately.



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