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Current CSU and SF State Budget Status

Executive Vice President & CFO Leroy Morishita
January 29, 2010.

The Governor has proposed restoration of $305M of budget cuts for the CSU in the 2010/11 fiscal year.  While this will provide some relief, this restores only about 49% of the $625M of state support cut in the 2009/10 fiscal year.  The Governor’s proposed budget for the CSU, which includes a 10% State University Fee increase, would provide SF State approximately $18.5M in General Fund support to have an equivalent budget to this year without furloughs. 

SF State would not have the funding necessary to hire back people who were laid off or not retained, fill vacant positions, further develop programs, and initiate new programs.  To do all of these, would require that the budget of SF State receive an additional $19M in General Fund support and have its budgeted enrollment target increased by 2,500 FTES to last year’s target. 

For the first time in its history, State support for SF State accounts for less than 50% of its operating budget.  In 1990, SF State’s budget was comprised of 77% General Fund dollars and 23% of fees.  In 2009/10, General Fund dollars comprise only 47% of SF State’s budget.  The reduced funding for the CSU and SF State has arisen due to the economic crisis and to the many competing demands for State funding for other competing purposes including K-12 education, health and human services, health care, corrections, and other State agencies.

While the Governor has proposed restoration of the CSU’s budget, he has also proposed major additional reductions in the 2010/11 fiscal year for these other State-supported agencies and programs.  Hence, it does not appear likely that the $305M restoration of the CSU budget will become reality. 



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