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Eligibility Requirement and Guidelines

While San Francisco State University makes every effort to serve the greater community, it must do so within prescribed regulations from and commitments to the State, while maintaining compatibility with the education and community service mission of the University.

The facilities at San Francisco State University shall be used only in accordance with federal, state and local laws and shall not be used for the purpose of organizing or carrying out unlawful acitvities.


Use of University Facilities by Non-Profit Organizations

It is the policy of San Francisco State University to rent facilities to non-profit organizations.


Use of University Facilities by For-Profit Organizations

San Francisco State University does not generally rent facilities to profitmaking or commercial organizations.  The University President in those instances may authorize exceptions where the educational mission derives substantial educational benefits.


Use of Facilities for Fundraising Purposes

  1. The use of University facilities for fundraising activities is limited to charitable and other community service and other non-profit organizations.
  2. Section 19731 of the Government Code prohibits the use of State University facilities for fundraising for political purposes.


Conditions for Campus Sponsorship of Outside Organizations

  1. While University sponsorship is not required, some off-campus organizations may wish to be sponsored by the University, a college or an individual department.
  1. Sponsorship or co-sponsorship must have support from an appropriate academic or administrative unit to ensure that the University’s educational mission is properly maintained and protected.
  1. Only school deans, directors or University cabinet officers may authorize sponsorship.
  1. The dean, director or cabinet level officer who authorizes sponsorship will assume fiscal responsibility should revenues not meet University expenses.
  1. Once sponsorship is authorized, a letter of agreement will be prepared by University Property Management requiring the signature of the sponsoring dean, director or University cabinet officer and the "host chair."
  1. Sponsorship is a formal commitment requiring the use of the University’s name on all documents and promotional materials.
  1. To be sponsored or co-sponsored by the University an event must support the goals and educational mission of the University by meeting one or more of the following criteria:
    1. enriching the professional development of faculty, staff and students
    2. contributing to the development of new curricular programs and ideas
    3. providing a means for students to come in contact with professionals in their areas of interest
    4. providing opportunities for potential students to be exposed to the University and its community members
    5. generating funds to improve campus facilities and equipment
    6. contributing to our goals of lifelong learning, continuing education and community service
  2. Sponsorship of an event requires that a member of the administrative unit or academic department be designated and known as the "host chair." Responsibilities of the "host chair" are:
    1. assist in the preparation of the presidential lease or letter of agreement
    2. assist in the preparation of a budget for the event detailing anticipated conference revenues and expenses. (A budget must be planned for each event so that the costs are covered by the revenues generated by the event.)
    3. monitor all activities during the event program to ensure that the event is effectively conducted and that University policies are followed
  3. The University will not sponsor an event if:
    1. the event is detrimental or in conflict with the goals and educational mission of the University
    2. the event constitutes an illegal activity in the State of California or an activity which is prohibited by rules and regulations as outlined in the Administrative and Educational codes


Permissible Types of Activities

Outside organizations may rent facilities for the following types of activities:

  1. instructional activities, such as classes and workshops, if they do not conflict with the University’s academic programs
  2. instructionally related activities of professional associations
  3. campus-sponsored meetings or activities of professional associations
  4. campus-sponsored meetings or activities of off-campus non-profit organizations non-campus-sponsored meetings or activities of off-campus organizations


Alcohol Policy

  1. All sponsored and non-sponsored groups wishing to rent or use University facilities and wishing to serve alcohol, must complete an application for permission to serve alcoholic beverages.  A written alcohol policy/guideline will be provided with the application.
  1. University Property Management and University Police must approve the application.
  2. All sponsored and non-sponsored events must adhere to the Alcohol Policy and the Business and Professional Code, Section 27658 through 25665, and University regulations.
  1. Requirements when serving alcohol:
    1. all events on campus where alcoholic beverages are being served shall post a sign indicating that alcohol shall not be consumed by persons under the age of twenty-one
    2. the sponsoring organization shall cease serving alcoholic beverages at the request of an appropriate university official
    3. there shall be no sale of alcohol without a “Temporary Alcohol Beverage License”
    4. consumption and serving of alcohol must be at or in the facility designated for the event
    5. the burden of proof for showing legal age is on the alcohol consumer
    6. no service will be provided unless clear evidence of legal age is presented
    7. it is the responsibility of those in charge of an event to assure that no one who is under age is served any alcoholic beverages
    8. when events last two hours or more, service of alcoholic beverages must stop one-half hour before the event
    9. food and non-alcoholic beverages must be available without costs so long as alcohol can be consumed at no cost
    10. no person under drinking age nor any obviously intoxicated person shall be furnished, served, or given an alcoholic beverage
    11. alcohol may not be served unless non-alcoholic beverages  (in addition to water) and food are also served




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