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Gambian textiles

Reconstructing Our Past:
Achievements of the Department of Anthropology

Gamble's Gambia

The Famous Motorcycle

Dr. Gamble on a motorcycle

"This was a DOT, a type of motocycle manufactured in England for cross country trials. The manufacturer offered various features so one could have a model built to meet one's special needs. For example, in most competitions only a small gas tank was needed, but as I was using the machine for long distances a large tank was fitted. Then I had a special large (wide) back tire to enable me to negotiate mud and sand. The gear ratio could be varied -- one could obtain cog wheels of various sizes for the back wheel. As I was not concerned with speed, I had a large wheel which enabled me to plough through mud and sand, and climb up the sides of steep hills.

The springs on the machine were powerful -- I once hit a fallen tree in the dark, and simply bounced over the trunk.

Anyway, this became a famous machine throughout the country. I suppose I did more than 13,000 miles on it. But no one ever took a photograph of us.

The firm that manufactured them went out of business a number of years ago, no doubt due to the competition from Japanese machines, so I could not obtain a photograph from them."

-- David Gamble

The Gambia -- Communications

Photo of a Gambian ferry dock

A ferry across the River Gambia, the main highway of the territory. Ferry services for passengers and vehicles are maintained at eight points and the river is navigable for 150 miles to ocean-going vessels

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The Gambia

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