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The Hohenthal Gallery

The Hohenthal Gallery was named after the late Professor William Hohenthal. It is located on the 3rd floor of the Science Building, Room 388, San Francisco State University, 1600 Holloway Ave., San Francisco, CA. Tel. (415) 338-1642.

C U R R E N T   E X H I B I T I O N S

Hands-On Ethnomathematics:
Games & Numbers Across Cultures

March 1, 2006 - April 28, 2006
Hands-on games exhibit from around the world, challenging teachers and students to have fun and learn about the peoples and cultures that developed such amazing mathematical ideas and activities. Hohenthal Gallery, Science 388.

Ancient Calendars of Mesoamerica
This exhibit features the unique set of calendars used by the peoples of ancient Mexico and northern Central America. The calendric systems of the Maya, Aztec, Zapotec, and Mixtec are featured. Hall case, third floor of the Science building.

El Salvador Archaeology 2004 - 2005
A photographic exhibit of excavations at Cihuatán sponsored by the Fundación Nacional de Arqueología de El Salvador (FUNDAR) and directed by Dr. Karen Olsen Bruhns of the Anthropology Department. A circular structure -- possibly a temple dedicated to the Wind God Ehécatl -- has been discovered, the first such structure to be found and scientifically excavated in southeastern Mesoamerica. Hall case, second floor of the Science building.

P R E V I O U S   E X H I B I T I O N S

First Annual Anthropology and Human Rights Summit:
"The Continuum of Violence"
Organized by students from Anthropology 588. May 4 - 7, 2004.

Carriers of Tradition: the Backpacks of the Luzon, Philippines
February 13, 2004 - April 30, 2004

Seeing Eye to Eye
November 6 - December 19, 2003

Fiestas Patronales de México Tradicional / Traditional Religious Festivities in Mexico
April 1, 2002 - December 18, 2002

A Glimpse of Cuba
March 21, 2001 - June 1, 2001

Reconstructing Our Past: Achievements of the Department of Anthropology
Gamble's Gambia
December 2, 1999 - March 2000

Reconstructing Our Past: Achievements of the Department of Anthropology
In Memory of William D. Hohenthal, Jr., 1919-1998
March 20, 1999 - June 1999

Yoshiko (Miko) Yamamoto Ph.D
Director, Adan E. Treganza Anthropology Museum
Department of Anthropology, SFSU
Tel. (415) 338-1642; Fax, (415) 338-0530

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