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 D E P A R T M E N T  O F  A N T H R O P O L O G Y
S A N  F R A N C I S C O  S T A T E  U N I V E R S I T Y

                                     A GLIMPSE OF CUBA

Chinese gate
Chinatown, Havana
photo by James Hirabayashi

A Walk on the Town
Art and Identity in Havana's Chinatown

Old cars, old building
Late Colonial Era building with old U. S. cars in front -- in the center (l. to r.) a 53 Chevy, a 52 Mercury, and a 51 Chevy. Photo Marilyn Wong

Grafitti in the Hemingway Bar.
Photo Marilyn Wong

Focusing on the contribution of Chinese immigrants to Cuban culture, this exhibition combines the work of Cuban artists with the photographic perspectives of two recent visitors.

As a participant in a conference on the Chinese Diaspora in Latin America, Dr. Marilyn Wong shares her first impressions through a series of traveler's photographs. Dr. James Hirabayashi contributes his impressions of Santiago and Havana as a part of his research into Asian influences in Cuba.

Liang Dominguez Fong's prints, hand-printed on rice paper, are informed by traditional Chinese printmaking and inspired by her own Cuban-Chinese identity. Liang is the daughter of renowned Cuban painter Flora Fong. Esterio Segura's images and text speak to his own mixed African/Chinese/Hispanic ancestry, while playing off the symbols of each. Tonel's (Antonio Eligio Fernandez) photos and video are a commentary on the current economic and political ties Cuba and China.

A video documentary on the Chinese in Cuba directed by Rigoberto Lopez, "El Viaje Mas Largo (The Longest Journey)," will be shown during the exhibit.

A Walk on the Town was funded in part by a grant from the
California Council for the Humanities
and is a collaborative project with BorderZone Arts, Inc. 

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