Windows XP I

Course Instructor Guide




  1. Who needs this class?
  2. Computer basics
  3. What is an Operating System?
  4. The Windows Desktop
  5. File Extensions
  6. Creating and saving files
  7. Search for a file
  8. File Management
  9. The Recycle Bin
  10. Multitasking
  11. Windows Update and Online Help
  12. Open class to Q & A
  13. Shut Down
  14. Next Class



In Detail:


  1. Who needs this class?
    1. Computer beginners
    2. People who are switching from a Mac to a Windows PC
    3. Anyone new to the new version, XP
  2. Computer basics
    1. What is hardware?

                                                               i.      Explain what it is

                                                             ii.      Give some examples

    1. What is Software?

                                                               i.      Explain what it is

                                                             ii.      Give some examples

                                                            iii.      Describe its interaction with hardware and other software

  1. What is an Operating System?
    1. How is Windows XP different from Office XP?

                                                               i.      Features of the Windows XP environment

1.      Graphics based

2.      Ease of use

3.      Icons

4.      Folders

5.      Files

6.      Interaction with hardware

7.      Interaction with software

                                                             ii.      Office is a collection of programs

1.      Word

2.      Excel

3.      Access

4.      PowerPoint

5.      FrontPage

6.      Publisher

7.      Outlook

  1. The Windows Desktop
    1. Discuss the items that make up the standard desktop
    2. Show how to use the mouse to work with the desktop

                                                               i.      Right and left click, click, double click, drag and drop

                                                             ii.      Scroll button on mouse

    1. Show basics of the Start (menu) button

                                                               i.      Access programs

                                                             ii.      Move My Computer from menu to the desktop

                                                            iii.      Other items covered later

    1. Using the Taskbar

                                                               i.      Cover Toolbars

                                                             ii.      Moving the taskbar

                                                            iii.      Resize the Taskbar

                                                           iv.      Cover shortcuts

    1. My computer

                                                               i.      Show how to get property information

                                                             ii.      Show where the drives are located

                                                            iii.      Discuss the Hard Disk Drives

    1. Display properties

                                                               i.      Right click on an empty area of the desktop

                                                             ii.      Choose properties

                                                            iii.      Cover details of

1.      Themes

a.       Discuss

2.      Desktop

a.       Change it

b.      Change it back

3.      Screensaver

a.       Change it

b.      Preview it

c.       Change it back

4.      Appearance

5.      Discuss it

6.      Settings

a.       Screen resolution

b.      Be sure to cover

                                                                                                                                       i.      Advanced >Monitor > Screen Refresh Rate

                                                                                                                                     ii.      Recommended 72 or higher for CRTs

                                                                                                                                    iii.      Using the peripheral vision technique

    1. Other Right Click Desktop features

                                                               i.      Creating folders

                                                             ii.      Creating shortcuts

                                                            iii.      Arranging icons

  1. File Extensions
    1. Discuss file formats
    2. Explain native file formats
    3. Discuss opening, saving, importing, and exporting
    4. Folder Options

                                                               i.      Choose Start > Control Panel

1.      Discuss the Control Panel

2.      Choose Folder Options

                                                             ii.      Cover the General options

                                                            iii.      Go to View, make sure that the hide extension of known file types is unchecked

                                                           iv.      Discuss how this will help

  1. Creating and saving files
    1. Open Word

                                                               i.      Start > Programs > Microsoft Word

                                                             ii.      Type out some text

    1. Save the file in my Documents

                                                               i.      Discuss backing up

                                                             ii.      Cover why we save in My Documents

    1. Show how to Maximize and Minimize Word
    2. Minimize Word
  1. Search for a file
    1. Start > Search
    2. All Files and folders
    3. Discuss other searching options
    4. Search for the file just recently saved
    5. Discuss search results
  2. File Management
    1. Open My Documents
    2. Find the file
    3. Open the file
    4. Close the file
    5. Move the file from the My Documents folder to the desktop
  3. The Recycle Bin
    1. Delete the file on the desktop
    2. Open the Recycle bin
    3. Show how to Restore
    4. Make a copy of the file
    5. Open the copy
    6. Close the copy
    7. Delete the copy file
    8. Show how to Empty the Recycle Bin
  4. Multitasking
    1. Word should already be open
    2. Click Start > Programs > Microsoft Excel
    3. Show how both programs

                                                               i.      Are running

                                                             ii.      Can be minimized and maximized

                                                            iii.      Switch from one to another using the Alt + Tab feature

    2. On-line help
  1. Windows Update and Online Help
    1. Update

                                                               i.      Open Internet Explorer

                                                             ii.      Choose Tools > Windows Update

1.      If there are some needed then do them

2.      If none are available describe how to do this

    1. Help

                                                               i.      Start > Help and Support

                                                             ii.      In Internet Explorer

1.      Help > Online Support

  1. Open class to Q & A
  2. Shut Down
    1. Discuss restart and shutdown
    2. Have participants shut down the PCs properly
  3. Next Class
    1. Take Word I, Excel I, or Mac OS X I