Scanning I

            Course Instructor Guide



  1. Introduction to scanning
  2. Scan using Photoshop
  3. Steps for scanning
  4. Saving a scanned image
  5. Scan using the scanning software
  6. See the differences in resolution
  7. Open class to Q & A



In Detail:


  1. Introduction to scanning
    1. Need a scanner and the scanning software

                                                               i.      If you do not have the software

1.      You can not do a scan

2.      On the company’s web site you can purchase it or download it for free

    1. With a scanner you can scan

                                                               i.      Photographs

                                                             ii.      Drawings and prints

                                                            iii.      Illustrations

                                                           iv.      Publications and documents

                                                             v.      Anything that can fit in the scan bed

  1. Scan using Photoshop
    1. Photoshop can not do scans
    2. Instead, you can use Photoshop to initiate an application to do a scan, and then import the image into Photoshop.
    3. Steps

                                                               i.      Place a color photograph on the scan bed

                                                             ii.      Open Photoshop

1.      On the menu toolbar choose File > Import

a.       Select the scanning software

                                                            iii.      The software will open and do a preview scan of the photo

  1. Steps for scanning
    1. Select the area you wish to scan

                                                               i.      Click, drag, and make a box around the image

1.      Resize or move if necessary

    1. Choose output type

                                                               i.      Go with True color

1.      For color photographs

                                                             ii.      Mention others

1.      Grayscale

a.       Black and White photographs

2.      Black and White

a.       2 colors, Black and White

3.      256 color

a.       Graphics like logos

    1. Select resolution

                                                               i.      Discuss pixels

                                                             ii.      Cover PPI

1.      Pixels Per Inch

                                                            iii.      Cover DPI

1.      Dots Per inch

                                                           iv.      Discuss what is recommended for the web

1.      72 ppi

                                                             v.      Discuss what is recommended for printing

1.      Minimum 300 dpi

                                                           vi.      Go with 300 resolution to show what happens in Photoshop with an image that has a higher resolution than 72

    1. Dimensions

                                                               i.      Cover the possibility of changes output dimensions

                                                             ii.      Do not change the dimensions

    1. Place Image

                                                               i.      For Photoshop choose File > Place Image

1.      This will scan the image, put it in Photoshop, and close the scanning software

  1. Saving a scanned image
    1. Never manipulate the image before saving it first

                                                               i.      You want to keep the original

    1. Choose File > Save

                                                               i.      Save it on the desktop as photo_300.tif

1.      The .tiff or .tif file

a.       Very universal

b.      Not usually compressed

c.       Keep all colors

d.      Keep the clarity

e.       Lossless

    1. Show the difference between actual pixels and print size

                                                               i.      Discuss how this refers back to the resolution

    1. Now you can make changes to the image like Unsharp mask
  1. Scan using the scanning software
    1. Open the software
    2. Choose Scan > Preview
    3. Follow the same steps for scanning as listed previously

                                                               i.      Select a resolution of 72

                                                             ii.      Except do not choose File > Place

                                                            iii.      Instead when all else is complete choose

1.      File > Save As

a.       Save on the dektop as photo_72.tif

    1. Close the scanning software
  1. See the differences in resolution
    1. Open Photoshop

                                                               i.      Open both files

1.      Examine the image’s

a.       Quality

b.      Image size

c.       File size

  1. Open class to Q & A