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TEAS V- General Information


As admission to nursing school has become increasingly competitive, many programs now require applicants to have taken the Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS).  This exam measures basic essential skills in the academic content areas of reading, math, science, English and language usage.  The test is 209 minutes in duration with a total of 170 questions. At SFSU we are currently offering the paper/pencil version of the TEAS V.


The TEAS V consists of four content areas: Reading, Math, Science and English and Language Usage.


  • Reading-  48 questions covering paragraph and passage comprehension; 58 minutes

    Math- 34 questions covering numbers and operations, measurement, data interpretation, and algebra. Calculators are not allowed; 51 minutes

    Science- 54 questions covering scientific reasoning, anatomy, physiology, earth science, physical science, and  life science;  66 minutes

    English and language usage – 34 questions covering material related to grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and word meaning; 34 minutes.

For more information or to order preparation materials, please go directly to the Test of Essential Academic Skills at www.atitesting.com .



Before coming to take the TEAS V exam, you must go to www.atitesting.com and at the top of the page choose "Create an Account." You are not registering for the exam, you are simply creating an account with ATI. When you create your account with ATI, they will issue you a Paper Pencil ID number that looks like this: A12345678 (it starts with the letter "A" followed by eight digits). Write this number on a paper and bring it with you on the test date. You will be required to insert this number on your answer sheet on the day of the test. If you do not insert this number on your answer sheet, your test will not be scored. Once your Paper Pencil ID number has been issued, you can use it for every TEAS you take.


From the SFSU Nursing Department:

Any prospective student who is applying to the SFSU BSN program on campus or our Sequoia Hospital/SF State BSN at Cañada should plan to read and follow the directions listed in SFSU Nursing Department application, including  the TEAS V score reporting information noted below.


1) A copy of page 1 of the TEAS V Individual Performance Profile must be included with the School of Nursing application.
2) An official TEAS V transcript must have been requested from ATI Testing
(www.atitesting.com) and sent as follows:

  • SF State/Sequoia Hospital BSN at Cañada applicants- send to “San Francisco State U Cañada”
  • BSN on SF State campus applicants- send to “San Francisco State University”

*Applicants who take the TEAS V at the SF State Testing Center need not submit a TEAS transcript. However a physical copy of the Individual Performance Profile remains a requirement and must be submitted with the application packet.


The entire School of Nursing application instructions and form along with other FAQs are available on the School of Nursing web site. http://www.nursing.sfsu.edu/main.aspx  



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