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CMSPT General Information

    The CMSPT (Composition for Multilingual Students Placement Test) is SFSU's placement test for non-native speakers of English who wish or need to take composition classes in the Composition for Multilingual Students (CMS) Program. The purpose of the test is to diagnose the English skills of non-native speakers. A student must take the test in order to enroll in any CMS class. Taking the test, however, does not ensure admittance to the CMS program. Students are placed into CMS classes according to their scores on the test.

    The test has three parts: for Part I, students read a short article and then write a summary of the essay. For Part II, students write a composition in response to the article. Part III is multiple choice; students read an essay and identify grammar errors in the essay.


    Who must take the CMSPT:

    A. All non-native speakers of English who have been predominantly educated in a language other than English, both undergraduates and graduate students.
    Note: Graduate students should contact their graduate advisor to confirm written English testing requirements.

    B. Non-native speakers of English who were enrolled in CMS classes (non-native speaker English classes) at the last school they attended in this country.

    C. Non-native speakers of English who believe they would benefit from studying with a teacher experienced in teaching composition to non-native speakers of English, even though they may have taken an English class for native speakers.

    D. Students with bilingual backgrounds who wish to substitute English 410 for English 414

    The test consists of both essay and multiple choice questions. There is a three hour time limit. No aids are allowed.


    Please note: In addition to registering through the Testing Center web site, you must also complete, submit, and print a copy of an online form provided by the CMS program.




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Cancelling Registration

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