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Cal State and Local test preparation:


    The following texts are recommended:

  • Lawrence L. Giventer, Governing California, 2004

    Lawrence Brewster and Genie Stowers, A Primer of California Politics, 2004

    Larry N. Gerston, Terry Christensen, David Tatom, Janise Fry, California Politics and Government: A Practical Approach, 2002

    Charles G. Bell and Charles M. Price, California Government Today: Politics of Reform, 1997

  • John H. Culver and Lorie L. Shelley, Politics and Public Policies in California, 1997

    Students who do not have a good background in California state and local government should look at several texts with great care. They should prepare themselves by reading about California government in local newspapers, The California Journal, (see especially the Journal's California Government and Political Annual for the current year) and other periodical sources.


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