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Segment III

Segment III: Relationships of Knowledge
Study Abroad Cluster: Exploring Cultural, Ethnic, or Social Diversity from Multi-disciplinary Perspectives

Study Abroad Segment III

One of the most profound ways to experience cultural diversity is by living in another culture for an extended period of time. Students who study abroad with a CSU IP or SF State Bilateral Exchange program can choose to fulfill the Segment III general education requirements as a part of their study abroad program. Choosing the Study Abroad Segment III cluster gives you an opportunity to get to know your host country more fully and also provides another use for the courses that you take while abroad, beyond your major or minor requirements.

Segment III Cluster: Study Abroad - Exploring Cultural, Ethnic, or Social Diversity from Multidisciplinary Perspectives

Students in CSU IP or SF State Bilateral Exchange programs may complete their Segment III requirements while they gain a structured and interdisciplinary understanding of their host country. Courses used to meet Segment III requirements through Study Abroad must be approved before students leave SF State for their study abroad program.

Required Pattern: Students must complete a minimum of 9 units, including at least 6 units taken during Study Abroad. At least three units must be taken from Category A and three from Category B. Students may select the remaining units from the courses taken abroad or from the approved Segment III courses in other clusters, with subject matter related to the student's study abroad experience. Courses that combine the approach of two or more disciplines are appropriate, as are ethnic studies courses. At least one course must focus centrally on issues of cultural, ethnic, or social diversity.

Category A: Perspectives of the Social Sciences (one or two courses taken during Study Abroad, 3 units minimum) Courses from the disciplinary perspective(s) of anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, and/or sociology.

Category B: Perspectives of the Humanities and Creative Arts (one or two courses taken during Study Abroad, 3 units minimum) Courses from the disciplinary perspective(s) of cultural anthropology, history, history and criticism of the arts, literature (either in English or in the language of the host country), philosophy, and/or religious studies.

Before leaving:

Be sure you make appropriate course choices and hand in paperwork:
To make sure you make appropriate choices, feel free to talk to a Study Abroad advisor during their Drop-in Advising hours or an academic counselor in the Advising Center. Complete the advising form provided by OIP.

While studying abroad:

Keep records
You should also save everything that your instructors give you. Save syllabi, written assignments, handouts, and exams, whenever possible. When you return, this will help us determine whether a course is upper-division and/or whether it belongs in Category A or B. If you take courses that are different from the ones that were approved, please contact the advisor who signed your forms to ask whether your new courses can still count for Segment III credit. Please print out and keep the reply for your records.

When you return:

Segment III petition:
Obtain and complete a Segment III petition from the Advising Center in ADM 211.

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