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  • 75% of students on study abroad programs utilize financial aid to completely cover or supplement the costs of their program.
  • While studying on the CERTIFIED exchange programs through the Office of International Programs all SFSU financial aid applies (work-study is converted to a loan).
  • Contact the SFSU Financial Aid Office for more information.


As study abroad participants, students have the opportunity to apply for additional scholarships, independent organizations and governmental aid. Each scholarship has unique requirements that may focus on financial need, academic excellence, non-traditional destinations and underrepresented groups.

  • SF State University Bilateral Housing Scholarship: A limited number of semester-long housing scholarships are offered for HAN University Arnhem, LUT Summer School and FH Wurtzburg. The application is due with Bilateral Application in the Office of International Programs, VCS-C.
  • Housing Scholarship Application
  • Associated Students Incorporated Scholarship: The purpose of the ASI annual scholarships is to reward students who have shown exceptional leadership, to encourage students who have faced exceptional challenges and to promote the educational advancement of students at San Francisco State University. 30 scholarship of up to $1,000 are awarded each year. ASI Resources Page
  • OIP/IEEC Scholarship:San Francisco State University Office of International Programs Study Abroad Scholarship/International Education Exchange Council Scholarship information will be sent to eligible students by e-mail each application cycle. Qualified applicants may apply through our Horizons website.
  • Resources: Check the SFSU Academic Honors and Fellowships Office:
  • Resources: Drop in to speak with a study abroad advisor:


In addition to the links above, Study Abroad also maintains a study abroad scholarship database within our Horizons programs and applications database. Please log in to your account to view all scholarship opportunities. (Located under "Search Scholarships" on the main menu.)

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