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Why should you son or daughter study abroad?

Studying abroad is a once in a lifetime opportunity for students to live and study in another country and to learn what life is like as a local. Moreover, students gain invaluable experiences that enable them to grow academically, personally, and professionally while taking courses towards their degree. Students also acquire cross-cultural skills that will be valuable in communicating with diverse people both personally and professionally, which grows increasingly important as today鈥檚 university students are entering the workforce that takes place in a global market. By studying abroad through SF State, students will be better prepared to work and communicate within diverse settings, approaches, and cultures.


In addition to a more global education, studying abroad at SF State is AFFORDABLE! Students pay the SAME TUITION to study abroad as they do to stay at SF State. SF State students have two types of certified study abroad programs to choose from that provide them with an option for every major.


To learn more about the benefits of studying abroad from our students, please read Alumni Accounts, view the Photo Essays that offer exciting accounts accompanied by amazing pictures, or watch our Breaking Barriers Video below.


SF State students have two types of certified study abroad programs to choose from that provide them with an option for every major.

Overview of CSU IP :

The California State University鈥檚 International Programs (CSU IP) are the system wide study abroad program for all the CSU campuses and is affiliated with over 50 universities and other higher education institutions in 19 countries. Since 1963, IP has sent over 15,000 CSU students abroad! Through CSU IP, students participate on academic year long programs. For additional information, please visit the CSU IP webpage and CSU IP鈥檚 Parents Guide.

Overview of SF State Bilateral Programs:

SF State Bilateral Programs are university to university partnerships for SF State students. These programs are direct bilateral exchange agreements, which mean that SF State has partnered with a university abroad to send students and to receive international students from that institution on a one-to-one basis. Students have the option of studying for either an academic year or a semester. Click here to learn more about SF State鈥檚 Study Abroad Programs.


To learn more about the differences between CSU IP and SF State Bilateral Programs, please visit SF State's Study Abroad CSU IP and Bilateral Program Comparison.

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