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Certificate in Early Childhood Special Education

This certificate program is intended for practitioners in human services fields, such as nursing, psychology, physical and occupational therapy, social work, speech and language therapy, who do not possess a California Education Specialist Credential. See also Education Specialist Credentials. Admission to the Program

To be admitted students must meet the standards required for candidates for a master's degree program in Special Education. To apply students must hold a 3.0 minimum grade point average and submit two letters of recommendation, transcripts of all college or university level training, and a position statement documenting interest in this certificate, and a resume. An area of emphasis is declared at the time of application.

Requirements Include

SPED 777

Atypical Infant Development


SPED 737 or SPED 738

Infant Intervention, or

Preschool Intervention


SPED 780

Assessment and Program Evaluation in Early Childhood Special Education


SPED 831

Internship in Early Childhood Special Education



Total Units Required



Program Advisor
Summer Hsia
Phone: (415) 338-2502
Office: BH 148
Email: tshsia@aol.com

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