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Autism Spectrum Graduate Certificate

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The Autism Spectrum graduate certificate is designed to prepare highly qualified professionals to meet the unique educational needs of learners on the Autism Spectrum in diverse settings. Through participation in coursework that includes embedded field experiences, students will acquire working knowledge of current training models, strategies and philosophies to guide them in working with individuals on the autism spectrum at the early childhood, elementary and secondary/transition level.

Graduate students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Special Education may pursue coursework for the certificate and the degree concurrently. Graduate students may also be eligible to apply coursework to the Professional Clear Education Specialist Credential. Students possessing a master’s degree in special education or a related field may complete the certificate program, including prerequisites, as a postmaster's degree program.

Admission to Program: The specific requirements and procedures for acceptance to the graduate certificate program are as follows:

  • Applicants are required to meet standards for a master's degree program in special education or provide evidence of an advanced graduate training degree in special education or a related field;
  • Applicants who wish to concurrently pursue the Professional Clear Education Specialist Credential with the Certificate and/or Master of Arts degree must complete all Preliminary Education Specialist coursework prior to certificate coursework;
  • Applicants complete a department application, which includes the following:

    - demonstrate a minimum 3.0 GPA for admission;
    - two current professional letters of reference;
    - official transcripts from all colleges or universities attended;
    - current resume; and
    - statement of purpose documenting interest in the program

An interview with program faculty may be included upon request.

Autism Spectrum Specialized Coursework
SPED 791 Nature of Autism Spectrum Disorders 3 units
SPED 825 Communication, Behavior and Instruction: Autism 3 units
SPED 794 Socialization and Imagination: Autism 3 units
Elective Course Upon advisement, such as SPED 763: Transition Planning for Students with Disabilities. 3 units
Total Units:

Completion Requirements: Two-thirds of program units must be completed in residence at SFSU.

Program Advisor
Pamela Wolfberg, Ph.D.
Professor, Special Education
Burk Hall 273
Phone: 415.338.7651 / email: wolfberg@sfsu.edu
Project Director, Project Mosaic

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