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How To Apply

When applying to the Department of Special Education, you need to complete both a department and a university application.

Steps to apply:

  1. We highly recommend that interested students attend an informational meeting held regularly by the Credential Services Teacher Preparation Center. Check their web site for upcoming meetings, http://www.sfsu.edu/~cstpc/infomeet.html#secd.
  2. Please review procedure and policy for graduate admissions on the Division of Graduate Studies website at www.sfsu.edu/~gradstdy.
  3. Apply online to the University through the CSU Mentor website at the following link, http://www.csumentor.edu/AdmissionApp/grad_apply.asp.
  4. Obtain an application to the Department of Special Education, print out and complete the application.

    > Special Education programs:
    Special Education Department application (include programs in ECSE, M/M, M/S, PHI, and O&M)

    > Communicative Disorders
    CD Department Application (include Masters of Science and Speech Pathology Services Credential)

Applications are also available in the Credential Services Teacher Preparation Center in Burk Hall 244 as well as in the Department office in Burk Hall 156 or by phone at 415-405-3594.

The Following is a list of program-specific requirements:

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