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Professional Clear Education Specialist in
Physical & Health Impairments (PHI)

Effective Fall, 2011

Candidates in the Professional Clear Education Specialist Credential have 5 years in which to complete the program after the issuance of their Preliminary Credential. During those five years, candidates must complete all program requirements approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.

The focus of the Advanced Professional Development Plan Program in Physical & Health Impairments is to develop and implement evidence-based instructional approaches and reflect on his/her own practice with the goal of the participant critically examining and refining all program components for assessment, curriculum development, intervention planning, and evaluation. This focus is achieved by enrolling in the induction course, SPED 740, twice during separate semesters, and supplementing this course with other university courses upon advisement

Enrollment in courses for the Professional Clear Credential program should be completed as a matriculating student with regular university registration. Candidates are not allowed to take courses to clear their credential through Open University. Absence from enrollment for two consecutive semesters requires readmission to the university. Check the Announcement section of
the Department home page for application deadlines (http://www.sfsu.edu/~spedcd/).

SPED 740 Induction Plan Development and Implementation (3 units) (Taken for two semesters during the first and exit semesters of the program) Total of 6 Units *

*Note: Beginning fall 2011, SPED 740 is a 3 unit course; however, If you have previously taken SPED 740 as a 1 unit course, you may apply it towards this requirement for the award of your Clear Credential.

An Advanced Professional Development form detailing evidence-based instructional plans, as well as any advisor -recommended coursework, must be completed with your faculty advisor in conjunction with enrollment in SPED 740. In addition, upon completion of the Induction Program a Credential Approved Program (CAP) form for the Professional Clear Credential needs to be completed. All forms can be downloaded by clicking on the Handbooks and Forms link at the Department of Special Education home page: http://www.sfsu.edu/~spedcd/. You need to provide these forms to the Credential Analyst to accompany your application for the award of the credential.

CCTC – California Commission on Teacher Credentialing - http://www.ctc.ca.gov

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