Darby Hayes
Sierra City , California , 96125 USA




Darby Hayes is a nationally recognized Photographic Artist who specializes in fine art landscape and wildlife prints capturing images of the northern Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Western United States.  His nature photographs feature wildlife found in the Western United States, including Alaska, and are composed to bring the viewer into a close-up, personal relationship with the wildlife subject.  All wildlife images were taken in natural settings: National Parks; National Forests; BLM lands; farms and ranches - he does not take pictures in zoos, wildlife parks, etc.  His landscape photographs feature dramatic lighting, color and artistic composition and include local Northern California alpine landscapes, as well as iconic images of well known western areas and National Parks. 

Mr. Hayes received several years of technical photographic training at San Diego State University and has spent 40+ years, honing his photographic skills.  He lives in the historic Gold Rush mountain town of Sierra City, California and devotes full time to his photography.  Since becoming a professional in 2005, his pictures have been well received, and as indicated in a later section, have been added to the collections of seven National Parks and four museums.  One of his larger images is currently displayed in the office of the Director of the National Park Service in Washington DC.

With the advent of digital processing, Mr. Hayes is able to control the photographic process from image-taking to printing and he able to achieve stunning photographs that combine a dramatic and artful blend of color, light and composition that goes well beyond the tonal range of conventional film - he is able to produce photographs that represent what he saw and felt, not the limited tonal range that was previously constrained by the limitations/characteristics of the camera/film combination.  Except for adjustments to contrast, sharpness, tonal detail and color detail, and the elimination of errata (dust spots, lens flare, etc.) nothing is added or deleted from what was recorded by the camera.   His print medium of choice is canvas, which produces images with great depth and the look and sense of a fine art painting, while retaining the fine detail of a photograph.


Listed below are Museums and National Parks that have Darby Hayes images in their collections and on display:

National Park Service Headquarters, Washington DC - one image on display in the NPS Director's Office.

Canyonlands National Park - five pictures on display in the Island in the Sky Visitor Center, (including an 8 foot wide panorama on display behind the Visitor Center reception desk) and Park administrative offices.

Arches National Park - two pictures on display in the Park Visitor Center and/or the Park administrative offices.

Grand Canyon National Park - one picture in the collection.

Grand Teton National Park - eight pictures which will be displayed in various park visitor facilities beginning in May 2011.

Kenai Fjords National Park - one picture on display in the Visitor Information Center in Seward.

Yellowstone National Park - two pictures in the collection: one on display in the new Old Faithful Visitor Education Center and one in the office of the Park Superintendent.

Yosemite National Park - four pictures currently being displayed in the Park Administrative offices (Superintendent's and Deputy Superintendent's offices).

Alaska Aviation Heritage Museum - four pictures currently on display in the "Bush Pilots" section of the Museum.

Wyoming State Museum - three pictures in the Fine Art Collection & currently on display in State facilities in Cheyenne.   

Utah State Museum - eight pictures in the Fine Art Collection, with a portion of the images on display in the "Alice House" Museum in Salt Lake City.

Navajo Nation Museum - nine pictures in the collection.  The majority were selected for display in the new Monument Valley Visitor Center.

Images are currently sold through the following galleries:

The Gold Rush Gallery, Graeagle, California
Lilly Vigil Gallery, Nevada City, California
The Schoolhouse Gallery, Sierra City, California  


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