Wilderness First Responder Training

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No one sets off on an outdoor adventure expecting a medical problem to occur.  However, a potentially hostile environment and lack of facilities can quickly cause a routine situation to escalate into a real medical emergency.  Everyone venturing into the wilds should have an understanding of basic first aid and wilderness rescue.  Do you know how to properly splint a broken bone?  Would you know what to do if a camper fell into a camp fire?  Do you know what percentage of rattlesnake bites are dry bites, and how to tell the difference?  If not, this informative, interactive and fun class is perfect for the wilderness explorer.


Eric Peterson

Eric Peterson is the owner/lead instructor of Mill Creek Safety. When not giving OSHA/safety-related classes to businesses throughout the Bay Area, Eric works on a 911 ambulance.  He is a graduate of U.C. Davis Health & Safety program, FEMA’s disaster preparedness program, and has been teaching disaster preparedness classes since 1989

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