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SAE Workshop Schedule

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SAE Workshops On Demand

The SAE staff are going on the road and taking workshops to the campus community. If you'd like us to come to your student organization meeting, class, residential life community or anywhere else on campus, fill out this online form to request a workshop. Below are the workshops that we can come facilitate.

Workshops On Demand Descriptions

  • Introduction to Student Involvement & Career Center (SICC) Services
    Find out about career services, leadership development opportunities, major programs, and events of the office of Student Activities and Events. Use this presentation to encourage your students or members to utilize this campus resource.
  • Planning a Major Event
    Are you getting overwhelmed trying to plan a major event? This session will help you breakdown the planning into components that will make your event plan thorough but manageable.
  • Thinking of a Master Plan – Strategic Planning and Goal Setting for Your Organization
    Are you already overwhelmed with plans for the semester? Got more ideas than you know what to do with? This session will provide a framework for setting priorities and developing goals that will help you stay focused and accomplish everything your organization wants.
  • What Did I Get Myself Into? Keys to Success for New Officers
    This session is intended to provide first time officers with insight into three keys to success in your organization: goal setting, knowing your strengths, and engaging your members and fellow officers. While there are many tasks and responsibilities associated with leading a student organization, placing your initial focus on these areas will give you a firm foundation for success as a student leader.
  • Backwards Event Planning – Using Program Outcomes in Your Event Planning
    Got a major event to plan but don’t know where to start? Work backwards. This workshop will show you how developing and writing outcomes can help you focus your event planning process. Participants will discuss what outcomes are, how they are useful, and how to write meaningful event outcomes.
  • Rolling with the Big Dogs – Getting involved with Student Life
    Looking to get involved with Student Life and the big events happening on campus? Want to get more exposure for your student organization? The Student Life Spirit Committee is here to bring major events to the campus and wants you to be a part of it. Get to know all about what’s coming up and discuss how you and your organization can get plugged in to Student Life.
  • Network Your Way Into Powerful Relationships
    Networking is a key activity when it comes to developing relationships. These relationships can be useful for job contacts and informational interviews. However, many students are afraid to impose upon people and often fear they will make a bad impression. This workshop will introduce the concept of networking - what it is, why it is useful as well as engage students in activities to get them started.
  • Rev Up Your Resume
    This workshop discusses how various resume styles can be used to tailor your resume to a specific job objective. Bring your resume to get specific questions answered at the end of the workshop. Students will also be introduced to Optimal Resume, the Student Involvement & Career Center’s web-based resource for writing a resume and cover letter.
  • Make the Interview Count
    Make the Interview Count provides the opportunity to improve your interviewing skills utilizing interactive exercises and a video presentation. Students will also be introduced to Optimal Interview, the Student Involvement & Career Center’s web-based resource for building interview skills.
  • Job / Internship Search Strategies
    Creative job search strategies are required in a competitive job market. Learn valuable hiring information and successful job and internship search tips.
  • Don't Get Caught Off Guard - Stay On Solid Ground In Academics
    Become aware of the academic resources available to assist and facilitate your academic success at SF State. Too many students involved in student organizations, campus jobs and student government find themselves on uneven ground with low grade point averages, probation, etc. Know how to read your DARS and transcripts, know where to go and who to see to stay on the path to academic success!
  • Make a Job Fair Work For You
    Ever wonder what really goes on at a job fair? How do you introduce yourself? What do you talk about? What questions should you ask? Learn how to network with employers and make a great first impression.
  • Setting up OrgSync for Officer Transition
    Learn how to configure your organization's OrgSync portal with new officers and members for the upcoming academic year.
  • Creating Your ePortfolio
    Whether or not you already have a strong resume, an eportfolio is another way to market yourself for potential jobs and internships. All SF State students have access to an eportfolio that is easy to create and edit. During this workshop, attendees will learn how to easily create their own eportfolio using OrgSync.
  • How to Navigate On-Campus Interviewing (OCI)
    Participate in this workshop to learn what employers are coming to campus; what jobs they are offering; how to submit your resume for their consideration; and how to sign up for interviews.
  • How to Run an Effective Meeting
    In this workshop, we will go over basic ideas for how to run a meeting that generates constructive ideas and facilitates effective results. The workshop will be conducted as an actual meeting with an agenda, handouts and attendees' participation. Information presented will reference, but is not limited to, Robert's Rules of Order.
  • Anti-Hazing Workshop
    We will review anti-hazing laws, explore aspects of hazing and discuss alternatives to hazing. This workshop is designed to provide examples of hazing that can occur during any initiation or new member process. We will go over legal definitions, University policies, national expectations and chapter responsibilities.
  • Greek Standards
    We will review the Greek Standards during this session. Specific aspects of the Standards will be explored as well as the importance of the contents addressed within the Standards. This workshop is designed to provide examples, explain the reasoning and answer questions in reference to the Greek Standards. We will go over expectations and chapter responsibilities.
  • Robert’s Rules Workshop
    In this workshop, we will go over basic ideas for how to run a meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order. The workshop will be conducted as an actual meeting with an agenda, handouts and attendees' participation. Information presented will reference the specifics of Robert's Rules of Order.
  • What Employers Want
    Become more aware and informed of qualities and skills you possess and employers want!

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