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Vendor Program Policies


Student organizations may conduct vendor sponsored fundraising activities on campus, in designated areas on Centennial Walkway, during the fall and spring semesters. All fundraising activities shall be subject to the provisions of this policy and University Executive Directive 89-13.

Vendor Program Policies

  • SAE (Student Activities and Events) works only with organization officers listed on the current SAE Student Organization Registration form who have also attended a Student Leader Orientation.
  • Vendors must give the sponsoring organization a copy of their seller’s permit or business license.
  • Student organizations requesting approval to sponsor a vendor may be required to provide written documentation demonstrating the benefits to be received by the campus organization.
  • If the sponsoring organization is to receive a percentage of the sales, a sales report from the vendor to the organization, as well as to SAE, is required. The sponsoring student organization and the vendor are required to provide SAE with a written agreement that establishes the percentage of sales or dollar amount to be given by the vendor to the organization. The sponsoring organization must also provide a letter to SAE acknowledging deposit of a portion of the funds collected in the appropriate organization account.
  • Student organizations acknowledge liability for all business transactions of vendor.
  • Vendor fundraisers will be Monday-Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. for a total of five days or for any portion of those five days. Depending on campus activities and scheduling, some weeks might be shorter than five days.
  • Vendors must accompany students to the SAE mandatory vending orientation before being issued a vending permit.
  • Vendors will be assigned a specified area.
  • Canopy vendor space will not exceed a 10x10 ft space ($200 registration fee). If the vendor’s use of space exceeds the alotted 10x10 ft space, the vendor will have to pay an additional $200 for another 10x10 ft space.
  • Table vendor space will not exceed a 6x6 ft space ($150 registration fee).
  • Vending opportunities are available from August to December for the Fall semester; and from January to May for the Spring semester only during the weeks when the campus is officially open for regular University business.
  • Verbal solicitation of sales is strictly prohibited. Sales shall be conducted only at the prompting of the buyer. Harassment of passersby will not be tolerated and may result in expulsion from the vending program without a refunds from the university or the student organization with whom the vendor is contracted.
  • Salespersons will not engage in misrepresentation or fraudulent trade practices nor other activities that are illegal or in violation of University policies.
  • No skin products may be sold or given away.
  • No food products may be sold or given away.
  • Due to issues of liability, no massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, medical related procedures or body piercing will be permitted.
  • No published items that are sold in the campus Bookstore are to be sold by vendors.
  • SAE will not allow any credit card marketers on campus now or in the future.
  • No electricity is available to campus vendors.
  • Vehicles may only load in Lot 6 located behind the Creative Arts Building accessed on Tapia Drive, with permission from the University Police Department. Loading zones are strictly enforced and limited to 20 minutes.
  • Vending permits must be visible on your tables at all times.
  • Vendors must furnish their own tables and chairs.
  • No items are to be placed on lawn or block any doors or walkways.
  • Vendors must take down and remove their canopies and tables on a daily basis.
  • Vendors are not allowed on campus during summer months.
  • SAE requires payment of registration fee for all on campus vending (prior to vending).
  • Unauthorized vendors are not permitted and will be asked to leave the campus.
  • Faxed paperwork will be accepted for filing purposes, but original copies will need to be sign and turned into the SAE office prior to the vendor coming on to campus.
  • Vendor must sign the Vendor Hold Harmless Agreement.

Student Organization Participation

Adhering to this vending procedure ensures you will take the appropriate steps to sponsor a vendor on campus. Since you, as a student leader, will be completing most of the registration yourself, SAE has created guidelines below to follow as you consider this commitment.

  • An officer on the current registration form who has attended a Student Leader Orientation must schedule an appointment for a vending orientation. Call Monolito (Lee) Twyman, coordinator of the Vendor Program, for an appointment at 415/405-4026.
  • When meeting with the vending coordinator, advise the coordinator of your needs relative to the proposal. The vendor coordinator will go over any possible problems that may result from your proposal with you.
  • Vending permits must be applied for a minimum of seven working days prior to the desired starting week. To obtain an approved vendor permit, a Board of Equalization Seller’s Permit or Business License must be submitted to SICC. Your sponsored vendor is expected to have an approved, signed application form on display at the fundraiser table during the entire week.
  • Fund-raisers are held Monday through Friday for a total of five days or for any portion of those five days. Forms will reflect Monday through Friday only.
  • Registration fees will be collected by the SICC Vendor Coordinator from the vendor. This fee is nonrefundable.
  • Vending spaces are on a first come, first served basis. There are sixteen vending spaces available for scheduling each week during the fall and spring semesters.
  • In general, requests for vendor sponsorship are approved. However, when presented with circumstances beyond SAE’s control, a vending request will not be approved if the documentation is incomplete and/or does not meet University policy.
  • The sponsoring student organization is responsible for informing the vendor regarding vending policies and procedures outlined on vending registration form.

Vendor Program Contact

For additional questions regarding the Vendor Program, please contact Monolito (Lee) Twyman at or 415/405-4026. Thank you for your interest and participation.

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