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Constitution Guideline

The sections outlined below are the required sections for student organization constitutions.

  1. Name: The name the student organization cannot include the University, abbreviation or logo, but can be the name of the organization at SF State (for example, Math Club at SF State). The name should reflect the purpose of the organization and clearly differentiate the club as a student organization and not a University department or program. The choice of language within the name should remain reflective of the University's mission.
  2. Purpose: Why does the organization exist? What does the organization wish to accomplish?
  3. Membership: Who is considered a member and what are their rights?
    • Please note that the constitution must clearly state that only currently registered SF State students may be voting members. Faculty and staff (including the advisor) can participate, but not have voting privileges or any decision making power.
    • The membership section must be in compliance with the CSU's non-discrimination and open membership policies. Click here for the non-discrimination and open membership policy.
  4. Governing Structure/Officers: The CSU and SF State require each organization to have at least a president/chair and a financial officer/treasurer. These two positions cannot be held by the same person.
    1. Officer Duties: The duties of each officer must be outlined in the constitution.
  5. Appointments/Election of Officers: How and when are Officers appointed/elected? Be specific - if officers are elected by a vote, how many votes does it take to get elected (simple majority, 2/3, consensus, etc.).
  6. Removal of Officers: If questions regarding an officer were to arise, how would an officer be removed from office (majority vote, 2/3 vote, consensus, etc.)?
  7. Length of Term: How long does an officer serve once s/he takes office (one semester, one academic year, until s/he relinquishes the position, until graduation, etc.)
  8. Amendment of the Constitution: How is the student organization constitution amended (additions and deletions to this document)? Again, be specific - if it is by a vote, how many votes does it take?
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