Student Activities & Events

Image: Photos of the diverse SF State Student community getting involved in various activities such as joining organizations and participating in the SF State Greek Life. Also pictured is the Student Involvement and Career Center Logo.


  1. Participate in all Fraternity/Sorority Council (FSC) meetings and events. Complete all FSC requirements.
  2. Provide Student Activities and Events (SAE) copies of the national colonization process for the petitioning organization (if applicable).
  3. Provide SAE copies of national and/or local constitutions by-laws. Constitution and/or by-laws must demonstrate long term sustainability.
  4. Meet with SAE Greek advisor twice a semester or until process is complete.
  5. Must have a total of eight (8) members to charter and demonstrate sustainability.
  6. Attend SAE orientation to provide basic information regarding University policies and procedures for new officers.
  7. Attend anti-hazing workshop to provide up to date information regarding hazing policy and law, give alternatives to hazing, and answer any questions the chapter may have.
  8. Attend alcohol abuse and sexual assault workshop to provide information regarding current national trends and resources available on campus.
  9. Complete three (3) programs per semester geared towards the campus community until process is complete: One (1) educational, one (1) social, and one (1) pertaining to some sort of development (eg. career, leadership, professional, etc.).
  10. Complete all national requirements (if applicable), providing the University with a letter from nationals stating this fact
  11. Have a process in place to: recruit new members; train new officers; disseminate university policies, chapter regulations and conduct procedure (including internal).
  12. Demonstrate benefit to campus community, Greek community, and local communities in the surrounding area.
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