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SFSU in the News

"Gender has become part of the defining way that youth organize themselves and rebel against adults."
Caitlin Ryan, director of adolescent health initiatives at the Cesar Chavez Institute, Associated Press, Oct. 1

"I couldn't just sit there. I had to do something."
Student Sara Henderson, who traveled to Beaumont, Texas, to help Hurricane Katrina victims as an American Red Cross volunteer, San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 30

"Money tells us what's real. It's the fundamental means of measuring our worth. It's the one thing by which we organize our lives, and it can buy everything except meaning."
Philosophy Professor Jacob Needleman, Los Angeles Times, Sept. 25

"I am proud to say the university where I teach … will take displaced students at resident fees."
History Professor Mary Felstiner on SFSU's invitation to students whose educations were disrupted by Hurricane Katrina, San Jose Mercury News, Sept. 12

"If they feel better about themselves, that helps them get out [of juvenile hall]."
Connie Ulasewicz, associate professor of consumer and family studies, on new uniforms she designed for girls at Hillcrest Juvenile Hall, San Mateo County Times, Sept.15

"It is not a disease, but it is an epidemic."
Jan Null, adjunct professor of meteorology, on car-interior hyperthermia following the recent death of a 9-month-old boy left inside a hot car, Lexington Herald-Leader, Aug. 31

"They're getting hard numbers on what people see and what people believe, and I think that's exciting for students. … They get to see how they fall in line with their classmates."
Teaching Assistant Christopher Fisher on clickers, handheld gadgets that enable SFSU students to participate anonymously in classroom polls and quizzes, C-Net News, Aug. 5

"There's always been a hope that the content of television and the extent to which television reflects the real experiences of real people would change, but I'm not banking on that."
Michelle Wolf, professor of broadcast and electronic communication arts, in a panel discussion on how to "read" mass media critically, KQED-FM, "Forum," Aug. 3

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