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Old photo of Jules Irving  holding a book and raising his hand.

From Holloway to Broadway

Great story on alumnus Daniel Sullivan in the 2012 Fall/Winter issue! As an alum of SF State’s Theatre Arts Department, I am in awe of what Jules Irving and Herb Blau launched there. Those of us who were a part of all of that will always have a strong feeling of gratitude for the education we received at SF State.
Michael Traub, B.A., '70
Los Angeles, Calif.

Photo still of a scene in the movie: Life of Pi that shows a tiger and a boy on a boat at sea

Praise for Pi Production Design

It was such a pleasure to read about alumnus David Gropman in the last issue (Fall/Winter 2012). I’ve been proud of my former student for some time, and I was prouder still to see him earlier this year at the Oscar awards ceremony. David’s Academy Award nomination for his brilliant work as production designer for “The Life of Pi” was well-deserved. The first time I became aware of David’s drive and his passion was in the Theatre Arts Department paint shop. I was washing out paintbrushes in the sink, and David, a freshman, came up to me with admittance forms for an advanced, upper-division class in scene design. I told him as gently as I could that he was not prepared, but he wouldn’t let go. He ended up “stalking” me in the hallways, the door of my classroom and going to my office to ask for appointments to continue the discussion. He convinced me that he could do basic drafting, watercolor drawing and sketching and knew about the physical layout of a theatre. I finally broke down from his earnestness and signed the admittance form. He ended up setting very high standards for the class. David has always had a passion for his work, and it is great to see him recognized for his visual talent.

— Professor Emeritus of Theatre Arts

Erik Sinkkonen, B.A., '59; M.A., '61

Mill Valley, Calif.

Gators of the Gridiron

I recently stumbled upon the article in the Spring/Summer 2011 issue about my cousin Joe Verducci and the new statue of him and the late Vic Rowen that was placed on the SF State campus. I shared the article with Joe’s first cousin, my father and 1938 SF State starting quarterback “Little Johnny Verducci,” who turned 96 years old this year. John and Joe Verducci were both well-known in early San Francisco football, and my dad has awesome stories of the entire SF State football team from 1938 to 1939. If you’d like to contact him, I know John would be happy to share his memories with your readers.

Tom Verducci

Reno, Nevada

Editor’s Note: Thanks for contacting us! “Little Johnny” was kind enough to share his memories of SF State football. Look for the video interview on our iPad App.


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