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Photo of the top of a old fire hydrant altered to look like a planet. Photo courtesy of Adam Kennedy/www.planetuniverse.net


“We are constantly looking for evidence that there may be life out there and I hope people get a little sense of discovery when they look at these planets. I hope it also makes them think about what there is on earth that they might have been missing all along.”



— Junior Adam Kennedy on his Planet Universe project, which has found him photographing the tops of old fire hydrants in San Francisco and then altering the images into those of imaginary newfound planets, Wired, March 13, 2013



“Whether it’s fair or not, you need to have employees make referrals for you if you want to find a job.”

— Professor of Management John Sullivan on employers’ preference for candidates referred to them by current employees over candidates found on job boards, The New York Times, Jan. 27, 2013



Photo of filmmaker Steve Zaillian at work. Photo by Kerry Hayes Photo Courtesy of Columbia Pictures.‘‘I am humbled that anyone would even think to do it, but I am also grateful.”

— Film critic Roger Ebert on the bio-documentary Steve Zaillian (B.A., ’75), Steve James and Martin Scorsese are making about his life. The filmmakers vowed to finish the project following Ebert’s death two days later, Chicago-Sun Times, April 2, 2013



“I said we can take this great idea and make it a great business.”Photo of "The Radiant Wrap," designed by Koray Lucas and his mother Maria Lucas. Photo by James Tensuan/San Francisco Chronicle/Polaris
Koray Lucas (B.S., ’12) on his business collaboration with his mother, cancer survivor Maria Lucas: The Radiant Wrap, an alternative designer gown made for women with breast cancer to wear while undergoing radiation treatments, San Francisco Chronicle, Feb. 13. 2013



“During the Gold Rush, young men, even those from the better classes, thought nothing of coming to San Francisco and living in very uncomfortable positions, in bunkhouses and shanties. What we are seeing today rings similar.”


— Associate Professor of History Philip Dreyfus on young entrepreneurs moving to San Francisco, where they live in closets, laundry rooms and other makeshift homes as they pursue startup riches,
ABC 23 TV Bakersfield online, Jan. 31, 2013



Image of a frog.

“This pathogen is bad news. It’s worse news than any other pathogen in the history of life on Earth as far as we know it.”

— Assistant Professor of Biology Vance Vredenburg on his work to fight the chytrid fungus which has driven the world’s amphibian population to the brink of extinction, National Geographic News, Dec. 17, 2012


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