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President Corrigan at a Glance

Education: Ph.D. and M.A., University of Pennsylvania, and A.B., Brown University, American Civilization.

Making a Change: To return to the "life of the mind." His plans include continuing work on a manuscript on the American poet Ezra Pound and beginning a new one focused on SF State history post-1969.

Before SF State
: Served as chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Boston and provost for Arts and Humanities and professor of English and American Studies at University of Maryland.

As a faculty member at the University of Iowa: Founded one of the nation's first black studies programs and co-founded one of the first in women's studies.

Treasured memory
: Commencement 2002, following conflict earlier in the semester between student groups, when an imam and cantor stood side by side reading parallel passages from the Quaran and The Old Testament. "The focus was no longer on differences but on similarities between two cultures."

The only
: Academician who has served as president of the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce.

Proud of
: The recruitment and hiring of 1,002 new tenured/tenuretrack faculty since 1989, resulting in a tenured/tenure-track faculty that today is 48 percent female and 37 percent minority.

Key to success
: A wise and caring partner and a strong administrative team.

Looking forward to
: Free time to travel and to read purely for pleasure.

Advice for next president
: "Take control of your calendar. Know that shared governance between faculty and the administration has worked well on this campus. Look for ways to maintain the current balance of scholarship and teaching."

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