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Alumnus, alumni, alumna, alumnae, alum

1. SF State (alumnus, alumnae) Annette Bening and Lisa Cholodenko were both nominated for an Academy Award this year.

2. Yvonne Cagle, a NASA astronaut, is an (alumna, alumnus) of SF State.

3. Christopher Collins, the fashion designer who starred on the last season of "Project Runway," is an (alumni, alumnus) of SF State.

4. Paul Butler and Debra Fischer are SF State (alumni, alumnae) who have located planets outside our solar system.

5. David Emmes and Martin Benson are the SF State (alumni, alumnae) co-founders of the South Coast Repertory.

6. Any one of the above individuals in this star- themed quiz could also be described as an (alum, alumni).

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