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How well do you know SF State? Give these questions your best shot.


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1. Which former U.S. first lady said SF State "takes the education of all people seriously"?

2. Were there more men or women in SF State's first graduating class?

3. Dozens of SF State professors have been elected as fellows of what world-class scientific institution?

4. What once-popular piece of bedroom furniture was invented by SF State student Charles Hall?

5. True or false: SF State received multiple Emmy Awards in 2006.

6. Name the first poet who read at SF State's now internationally known Poetry Center.

7. Which SF State alum was ranked 11th in a Rolling Stone list of "The 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time"?

8. How did SF State students contribute nearly $5 million to the city and county of San Francisco last year?

9. Which former SF State administrator went on to become a Republican U.S. senator?

10. Which current NFL head coach landed his first paid coaching job at SF State?

11. What significant astronomical discoveries were first made by SF State faculty in 1995?

12. Which SF State professor hosts a top-rated radio show?

13. John Burton, former president pro-tem of the California state senate, played what sport at SF State?

14. What is SF State's motto?

15. Name the former dean who served briefly as SF State's only female president.

16. Which press secretary to a U.S. president was once managing editor of SF State's student newspaper?

17. What were the names of the two live alligators who served as SF State's mascots until 1947?

18. During the past two years, four SF State graduates received what prestigious prize?

19. True or false: SF State was the first university to offer a degree in International Relations.

20. What SF State student powerhouse has defeated teams at Stanford, Dartmouth and Harvard universities?

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