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The cover of the spring/summer 2004 Issue of SFSU Magazine


SFSU Magazine Online, Spring/Summer  2004, Volume 4, Number 1.

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Campus Beat LogoTwo students brave the steps outside Thornton Hall which have been converted intoa waterfall by a massive rainstorm. Photo courtesy of David Dempsey, Professor of Meteorology

From Frightful to Delightful
Unexpected Weather at SFSU

February 25 -- It was a dark and stormy morning at SFSU. At 8 a.m. the University was hit with a torrential rainstorm described by meteorology's John Monteverdi as "the most intense I have ever seen at San Francisco State." The professor estimated that at least one inch of rain fell in just the first half hour. Anyone on campus that day would agree with Monteverdi's assessment: The morning deluge was "awesome." The storm caused power outages across campus. Classes were cancelled for the remainder of the day.

Rising waters first broke through an embankment along 19th Avenue, sending a fast-moving river -- up to a foot deep in some areas -- around Thornton Hall, past the stadium and into the lower level of parking lot 19. More water headed in the direction of Hensill Hall, spilling down the stairs in front of Thornton Hall. Inside, stairways and elevator shafts were transformed to waterfalls. Although classes resumed the next day, repairs are ongoing.
A student reading a book lounges on the quad during an unseasonably warm day. Photo by Lui Gino de Grandis
Soggy shoes were barely dry when yet another strange meteorological occurrence befell campus: a March heat wave that lasted nearly two weeks with daily temperatures in the 80s. This time SFSU students were soaking -- not in their shoes -- but in the sun as they took advantage of the unusually warm weather on the quad.


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