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The cover of the spring/summer 2004 Issue of SFSU Magazine


SFSU Magazine Online, Spring/Summer  2004, Volume 4, Number 1.

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Budget Cuts 2004-05

For 2004-05, San Francisco State must reduce its budget by $23 million. Here's how the University plans to do it:

Reductions to the academic program ($10.6 million):

  • Discontinue bachelor's degree programs in Interdisciplinary Social Science, Industrial Technology, Vocational Education, Social Work, Dance, Kinesiology, and Russian.
  • Discontinue master's degree programs in Family and Consumer Sciences, Recreation, and Russian.
  • Discontinue NEXA (science and humanities program) and California Studies minor.
  • Move to self-support: Masters programs in the College of Business, Holistic Health and Physical Activity courses, M.S. in Engineering, Clinical Laboratory Scientist internship, Child Study Center.
  • Downsize General Education programs within some colleges; limit growth of the bachelor's degree in Engineering.
  • Eliminate general fund support for remedial courses in English and Math; reduce Step to College program.

Reductions to administrative units ($12.3 million):

  • Reduce/eliminate management positions
  • Eliminate general fund support to Athletics; eliminate women's tennis, volleyball and swimming; men's track and field and swimming.
  • Reduce deferred maintenance funding.
  • Reduce work-study matching funds.
  • Move Career Center and Counseling and Psychological Services to student fee support.
  • Eliminate Office of Human Relations; reassign functions.
  • Reorganize and consolidate Public Affairs and Publications.

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