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New American Writing

A picture of the "New American Writing" literary journalThe newest arrival at SF State’s Creative Writing Department isn’t a faculty member, but a long-respected literary journal. New American Writing, edited since 1986 by department chair Maxine Chernoff and poet and fellow faculty member Paul Hoover, was recently awarded an annual support stipend from the College of Humanities.


Published every spring, New American Writing boasts an international reputation for defying the expectations of the poetry world to present the best in envelope-pushing writing. “We don’t have a single-minded idea about what experimentation can mean,” Chernoff says.


The 2007 issue features work by nearly 60 poets, from a translation of Pablo Neruda to a poem titled “My Night with George Costanza.” As Hoover says, “Anybody can send poetry to our magazine and have a chance of getting in if it’s quality writing. There aren’t a lot of journals that do what we do.”


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