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"Well, at least I know one person here, and we can stick with each other as we're finding our way around."

Ashley Hollinger on knowing her roommate prior to move-in day at SF State, where campus housing staff have launched a Web-based way for students to select their roommates, San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 29


"They are the ultimate bellwethers."

Biology Lecturer Jonathan Stern, hailed the world's foremost expert on the minke whale, on the animal's potential to help scientists assess the health of ocean waters, San Francisco Chronicle, Sept. 2


"I only rolled it about half- way around on my first try."

Student Price Troche Jr. on spinning the 4,000-pound "Wheel of Fortune" during the game show's "College Week" series in which he defeated opponents from Harvard and the College of Charleston, Brentwood (Calif.) Press, Oct. 12


"This was one of the more annoying stars -- it resisted mathematical modeling."

Assistant Professor of Astronomy Debra Fischer on her team's discovery of a record-breaking fifth planet in a full-scale solar system around a distant star -- a finding that suggests that our sun and its family of planets is not unusual in the universe, National Geographic News, Nov. 6


"It's a level of intimacy a newspaper can't give you."

Alumnus Jose Antonio Vargas, the first Washington Post reporter to create an online video log (vlog), explaining why visitors should watch his reports from the presidential campaign trail, Washingtonian, November 2007






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