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Photo of SF State senior and surfer Colin Dwyer sitting on the tailgate of a truck. Photo by Michael Barrus.

"Oh, this might be the end of me."


— Senior Colin Dwyer’s initial thought as he faced a big wave off the coast of Pillar Point Harbor, where he will compete this winter in his second Mavericks Invitational,

San Jose Mercury News, Aug. 13, 2013








“We’ve been calling it the ‘flight of the living dead’ — because ultimatelyImage of a bee in flight, the bee’s not going to be coming back from it.”

— Biology Professor John Hafernik

on his discovery of “ZomBees” —bees whose

brains have been overtaken by a parasitic fly,

Burlington Free Press, Oct. 9, 2013




“I still was working on the beak at the last second.”

Image of a $15 Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservatoin stamp that features a goldeneye duck on the water amid reeds. Photo by US Fish and Wildlife Service.


Bob Steiner (M.A., ’77) on his portrait of a common goldeneye, winner of the

2012 Federal Duck Stamp Art Contest and

reproduced on 2.1 million stamps,

San Francisco Chronicle, Aug. 16, 2013






Image of a woman on a waterbed. Photo by Charles Hall.“One went to a Smothers Brother, another to a Jefferson Airplane member… I did make one for Hugh Hefner, upholstered in green velvet.”


Charles Hall (B.A.,’ 67; M.A., ’68) on the waterbed, which he invented as a student

at SF State,

The New York Times, Aug.16, 2013




“Zarif has a deeper understanding of America and American politics than anyPhoto of alum Mohammad Javad Zarif. AP Photo/Craig Ruttle. senior Iranian official since the 1979 revolution.”


— Karim Sadjadpour, an Iran expert at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, on Iranian Foreign Minister

Mohammad Javad Zarif (B.A., ’81; M.A.,’82),

Foreign Policy, Sept. 30, 2013




“This is a 50-year-old cold case.”

— Cinema Professor Joseph McBride on the subject of his latest book, “Into the Nightmare: My Search for the Killers of President John F. Kennedy and Officer J.D. Tippit” (Hightower Press),

SF Weekly, Aug. 28, 2013




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Joseph McBride: http://www.cinema.sfsu.edu/news-in-brief/2013/1826


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